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Better Care at Any Age

Family of all ages

Your health care needs change over time. Know how to advocate for yourself and your family by learning about health care for all ages.

Preventive care - also called routine care - helps your doctor prevent or find problems before they become serious. Many health plans now offer free preventive care services. Learn more about preventive care... 

Prenatal care

So, you’re pregnant! Or you want to get pregnant. There’s a lot to think about and a lot to plan. Learn more about prenatal care... 

Health care for children

To stay healthy, children need regular check-ups. They also need shots to protect them from diseases, like tetanus and measles.
Learn more about health care for children... 
Learn more about dental care for children...

Health care for adults - age 18-50

Regular tests, like blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol screenings, help prevent problems later in life. Women need regular Pap tests and mammograms to screen for cervical and breast cancer. Men need screenings for prostate cancer. Learn more about health care for adults age 18-50... 

Health care for adults - age 50+

As you get older, your health care needs change. You need more routine tests, more frequent checkups, and you may need more medicines. Learn more about health care for adults over 50... 

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