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Preventive Care

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Good care starts with preventive care. Preventive care - also called routine care - helps your doctor prevent problems or find them before they become serious.

Many health plans now offer free preventive care services.



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New preventive care benefits under health care reform

  • Most health plans must cover many preventive care services with no co-pay or co-insurance for you.
  • Most health plans must cover prenatal/pregnancy care and newborn care. New plans and older group plans must cover this care, but older individual plans might not.
  • Most health plans must cover dental and vision care for children. Older individual plans might not.


Everyone needs regular preventive care


Different people need different types of care

  • Your age, health problems, and family medical history affect the care you need.
  • Your sex, ethnicity, and national origin may also influence your care. For example, the risk of heart disease is different for men and women. Some ethnic groups have higher risk for diabetes.
  • If you are at risk for a disease or condition, start screening tests earlier. You may also need them more often.


Work with your doctor to plan your preventive care

  • About once a year, talk to your doctor about the preventive care you or your child needs.
  • Agree on a plan that works for you.
  • Get referrals for the lab tests, screening tests, or other care you need.



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