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Working with Your Doctor

Gentleman working with his doctorIn many health plans, you must have a primary care doctor to oversee your care. Choose a doctor you can communicate with. You are more likely to feel comfortable talking with your doctor about your concerns.

Over time your doctor can get to know you and your health care needs. Your doctor helps you make decisions about a treatment if you have a health problem. Your doctor refers you to other services when you need them. Your doctor also helps you get language or disability assistance if you need it.

Choosing a doctor

In some health plans, you can only go to certain doctors in your plan or in your medical group.  To get a list of doctors that you can go to, call your health plan.

If you do not choose a doctor when you join a plan, the plan usually chooses one for you. However, you can change your doctor if you want. You also can go to another doctor to get a second opinion. Just call your plan.


Communicating with your doctor

Do you forget all your questions when your doctor walks into the room? You are not alone. Exam-room anxiety is common. Know how to prepare for your visit and talk to your doctor about your care.



OPA materials: How to use your health plan - Guide (PDF)

OPA worksheet: Choose a doctor (PDF)

OPA worksheet: Make the most of doctor visits (PDF)


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