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​​​​​​​Strategic Plan​

The California Office of the Patient Advocate is committed to increasing our impact as a resource for informed consumer decisiong-making. To that end, OPA will focus on raising our profile as a trusted resource; continuing to provide timely, accurate data; and expanding the health care quality information we provide to consumers.


All Californians use easily accessible and reliable health care quality information to make health care decisions.​


The Office of the Patient Advocate’s mission is to improve California health care quality and advocate for consumer interests by publicly reporting data for informed decision making.​

​​​​​​​​Core Values

Consumer Oriented
High-Quality Information


1. Provide Timely, Accurate, and Relevant Data
Provide data that is current, accurate, relevant to stakeholders’ needs and interests, and published on time.

2. Visibility as a Resource to Consu​mers and Organizations
Enhance communications, networking, and public relations efforts to increase OPA’s visibility as an up-to-date, trusted resource to consumers, other state agencies, and outside organizations.

3. Increase Consumer Access to Health Care Quality Information
Make the OPA website a one-stop shop for consumers to access health care quality information, providing access to the wide range of quality ratings and information that consumers can draw on when making health care decisions.