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The Office of the Patient Advocate rates health plans and medical groups using health care perfor​mance measures based on quality of medical care and patient​ experience. This website provides information to help consumers compare health plans and medical groups, track consumer complaints and identify patient rights and health care resources​.​​


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​​​Health Care Quality Report Cards

​​​​Health plan and medical group ratings.

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Complaint Data Reports

Annual​ reports ​on ​health care complaints filed with California state agencies.​

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

Information about rights that protect most California health plan members.

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​How to File a Com​plaint

Options for filing health care complaints.



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Need Health Insurance Coverage?

Visit Covered California – California’s marketplace for finding health insurance coverage.

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 Health Care Plan Problems?

Call the Department of Managed Health Care Help Center

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  For Your Information

Cost Ratings​​ for Medical Groups

​​Find a better value medical group by comparing recently released Total Cost of Care star ratings alongside ratings on the Quality of Medical Care. Higher cost care does not necessarily mean higher quality care!

The latest Total Cost of Care ratings were developed by comparing medical groups’ costs during 2020. Each medical group’s average monthly costs were calculated by assessing the total actual payments made by both health plans and patients for the care provided to patients.


When comparing medical groups, look for medical groups that have higher Total Cost of Care ratings and higher quality ratings. More stars are better. Groups with lower average costs received a higher star rating.​



Posted: May 11, 2022​

2021-22 Edition of the Medical Group-Medicare Advantage Report Card

The latest Report Card has Quality of Medical Care ratings for 169 medical groups that serve Medicare Advantage members.


Each year, patient records are reviewed to determine if the medical care provided meets national standards for using treatments proven to be effective. The Report Card provides star ratings on overall quality of medical care and ratings on 12 specific clinical measures, including those related to diabetes care, cancer screenings, and arthritis treatment.



​​Posted: May 11, 2022​

HMO and PPO Quality Ratings

The 2021-22 Edition of the Health Plan Report Card offers quality ratings for the 10 largest HMO plans and 6 largest PPO plans in California. Find out how your health plan rates!​

The Report Card provides overall star ratings based on evaluations of medical records and patient surveys. You also can compare health plan scores on more than 50 specific health care topics and quality measures, such as for behavioral health, immunizations for children, heart care, preventing hospital readmissions, patient satisfaction with plan doctors, and more.



​​Posted: May 11, 2022

California’s Individual Health Care Mandate​

Starting January 1, 2020, Californians must have health insurance. For more information, visit


​​Posted: February 11, 2020








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