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The Director’s Message


Welcome and thank you for visiting the Office of the Patient Advocate’s website. It is a great privilege to serve as the Acting Director during such an exciting time at OPA. Through the work from a dedicated staff and a team of partners including other state departments and private, non-profit organizations, we have produced the Health Care Quality Report Cards since 2000. However, OPA’s responsibilities have legislatively changed over the years and the primary role of the Patient Advocate is to support consumer interest by publicly reporting health care quality data so consumers can make informed decisions. To that end, OPA is charged with producing two products annually; the

Health Care Quality Report Cards
and the Health Care Complaint Data Legislative Report. The purpose of our report cards and all the information found on the website is to provide health care consumers and stakeholders with the latest health care data, health care provider news and related events while advocating for all Californians.

We are excited about the work OPA is engaged in as we strive to improve our signature products and to be a trusted resource to consumers. OPA continues to evolve as we focus on relevant health care issues, expand our partnerships and get feedback from consumers. We know choosing a health plan is not a decision that is made lightly. So we are committed to increasing our impact as a resource for informed consumer decision-making. That commitment includes not only providing the quality health care information you need but also making website enhancements for easier navigation.. So please, explore our many resources.


Acting Director,

Monisha Avery