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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Health Resources

The organizations and resources on this list address a variety of health topics.

Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality www.ahrq.gov/patients-consumers/index.html
Information on quality health care.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program www.ramsellcorp.com/medical_professionals/ca.aspx
Help paying for drugs to treat HIV/AIDS.

American Academy of Pediatrics www.aap.org
Information on children’s health topics.

American Board of Medical Specialties www.abms.org
Learn about different specialties and find out if a specialist is board certified.

American Cancer Society www.cancer.org
Learn about many kinds of cancer; find local support.

American Chronic Pain Association www.theacpa.org
Information and resources for people with chronic pain.

American College of Surgeons www.facs.org
Information on common operations and choosing a surgeon.

American Diabetes Association www.diabetes.org
Information about diabetes, diet, exercise, weight loss, and prevention.

American Heart Association www.americanheart.org
Information on heart disease and stroke.

American Lung Association www.lungusa.org
Information on lung diseases; help making treatment decisions.

American Pregnancy Association www.americanpregnancy.org
Information on many aspects of pregnancy.

Arthritis Foundation www.arthritis.org
Information on arthritis and related conditions; help finding local resources.

​Best Buy Drugs www.consumerreports.org/health/best-buy-drugs/index.htm
Information to help you choose drugs with lower costs and higher safety and effectiveness.

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform www.canhr.org
Information and help for people living in a nursing home.

California AIDS Hotline www.aidshotline.org
Information on HIV/AIDS services.

California Association for Adult Day Services www.caads.org
Information about adult day services and lists of centers serving adults with health care and/or supervision needs, including frail elders and persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or multiple chronic health conditions.

California Dental Association www.cda.org
Information on dental health and help finding a dentist or clinic that provides free or low-cost dental services.

California Department of Developmental Services www.dds.ca.gov
Services for children who have disabilities or are at risk of developing slowly.

California Department of Social Services http://www.cdss.ca.gov/In-Home-Supportive-Services
In-Home Support Services and Home Care information.

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers www.cfilc.org
TTY – 916-325-1695
Resources for people with disabilities.

California Healthcare Foundation  www.chcf.org
Information about national health care costs and other health care policy issues.

California Hospital Association www.calhospital.org
Find online or request a free Advance Health Care Directive form in English or Spanish.

California Immigrant Welfare Collaborative www.caimmigrant.org
Information on health care benefits and rights for immigrants.

California Long-Term Care Search www.calqualitycare.org
A guide to nursing homes, home health care, and hospice care.

California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development (OSHPD) www.oshpd.ca.gov
Information about hospital costs. List of each hospital’s charges for common outpatient procedures (chargemaster).

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network www.cpehn.org
Information and advocacy on health care policy for people from all cultural and linguistic groups.

California Partnership for Long-Term Care www.rureadyca.org
Information about long-term care insurance.

California Registry www.calregistry.com
Information on nursing home, long-term, and hospice care.

CalQualityCare.org www.calqualitycare.org
Resources to help you compare hospitals and long-term care facilities.

Cancer information (National Cancer Institute) www.cancer.gov
Information and research on cancer treatments.

Cancer Legal Resource Center www.disabilityrightslegalcenter.org
Provides free and confidential information and resources on cancer-related legal issues to people with cancer, their families, friends, employers, health care professionals and others coping with cancer.

Center Watch www.centerwatch.com
Information on clinical trials.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  www.cdc.gov
Information on health and safety topics, including immunization guidelines, various diseases and conditions, and workplace safety.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) www.cms.hhs.gov
TTY 1-866-266-1819
Information on Medicare, Medicaid, and HIPAA.

Clinical trials www.clinicaltrials.gov
Information on clinical trials.

County Medical Services Program (CMSP) www.cmspcounties.org
Health care for low-income adults in 34 California counties.

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency  www.dcara.org
TTY- 1877-332-7288
Resources for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Disability Rights California www.disabilityrightsca.org
TTY – 1-800-719-5798
Information and resources for people with disabilities.

Drug Digest  www.drugdigest.org
Check for drug interactions.

Families USA  www.familiesusa.org
National organization that advocates for health care consumers. Information about health policy issues.

Family Caregiver Alliance www.caregiver.org
Information and help for family caregivers.

Food and Drug Administration www.fda.gov
Information on prescription drugs, vitamins and herbs.

Health Center Finder (U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services) http://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/Search_HCC.aspx
Find a health center that provides no-cost/low-cost care to the uninsured. Payment is based on your income and what you can afford.

Health Consumer Alliance www.healthconsumer.org
Information in many languages on low-cost health care (Click on publications).

Healthfinder  www.healthfinder.gov
A portal to online information on health care and drug safety.

Hospital Bill Help www.hospitalbillhelp.org
Information to help you deal with hospital bills.

The Kaiser Family Foundation  www.kff.org
Information and reports on health care policy issues.

Kick It California www.kickitca.org
Telephone and online help to stop smoking, vaping, or using smokeless tobacco.

KidsHealth  www.kidshealth.org
Information on children’s health.

Lab Tests Online  www.labtestsonline.org
Information about lab tests.

March of Dimes www.marchofdimes.com
Information on birth defects, premature birth, and newborn screenings.

Mayo Clinic www.mayoclinic.com
Consumer information on many health topics.

Medline Plus  www.medlineplus.gov
Find health information online. Or call for telephone assistance.

Mental Health Association in California  www.mhac.org
Information and advocacy for people with mental health problems.

My Family Health Portrait  www.dhhs.gov/familyhistory
Create a family health history report.

My Health Resource www.myhealthresource.org
Online guide to find health care services and programs in your community.

NAMI (National Association of the Mentally Ill) www.namicalifornia.org
Information and support for people with mental health problems and families with seriously mentally ill relatives.

National Committee for Quality Assurance  www.ncqa.org
Information on quality health care and health plan standards.

National Guideline Clearinghouse www.guideline.gov
Care guidelines for many health conditions.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute www.nhlbi.nih.gov
Information, research, and clinical trials related to heart, lung, and blood diseases.

National Immunization Hotline www.cdc.gov/vaccines​
TTY 1-888-232-6348
Immunization guidelines.

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases  www.niddk.nih.gov
Information, research and clinical trials related to diabetes, digestive and kidney disorders.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke www.ninds.nih.gov
Information and research related to stroke and neurological disorders.

National Institute on Aging  www.nia.nih.gov
TTY 1-800-222-4225
Information for seniors.

National Institutes of Health  www.health.nih.gov
Information on many health issues.

NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center www.niams.nih.gov/Health_Info/Bone
Information and research on osteoporosis.

Poison Action Line  www.calpoison.org
Help for victims of poisoning. Fast, free, and expert treatment advice and referral over the phone in case of exposure to poisonous or toxic substances.

Su Familia  www.hispanichealth.org
1-866-783-2645 (National Hispanic Family Health Helpline)
1-877-658-8896 (Cuidando con cariño/Compassionate Care Helpline)
1-800-504-7081 (National Hispanic Prenatal Helpline)
Information and referrals in Spanish to local health clinics.

The organizations and resources on this list address a variety of health topics.